Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Day of Freedom

So today apparently is my last day off until the madness begins. Well, i do have next weekend off, which is nice, but for serious, i'm gonna be crazy busy. Job #1 starts monday. I have shifts both tomorrow and sunday for job #2. This week, for 3 days after working 9-3:30 at job #1, i then have to do shifts at job #2. Oh boy. I am going to be crazy tired.

The idea of working a black friday shift is also incredibly terrifying. Go me? Why the eff did i volunteer for this?!!?

Hubbs' training started today. Apparently he got the job. Hurray for him!

It was funny. Apparently all of the people in his training class are moms. One of which had her baby with her. He was all like, "so when you have babies, are your boobs gonna get bigger?" and i was like "yep. lol" My boobs are already crazy big, but it was so funny hearing him get all excited about the idea of me having even bigger boobs. He was also way more frisky today than usual. Could be that it's been like a week since we'd done it, but i feel like it's pulling teeth when i try to get him in the mood. I told him he should hang out with moms more often. lol. Still, in the back of my mind, jealous freak me is like "wtf was he thinking about all day that made him come home and actually want sex for once?!" but there is a part of me that justifies it by saying that it's probably just because it had been so long since we got to sexing. I'll try to not think about it too much, cause then i'll overthink it and get all chick-crazy. (which i hate)

Anyways, it's been a pretty good week. I'm nervous about the craziness on my plate next week. Working shifts and then working more shifts. But i guess it's good. Money is always a good thing, especially cause it's kind of tight this month. Hubbs' new job should help.

Still waiting for the insurance cards to come so i can go to the doctor and talk about the clomid stuff. Kind of nervous about that conversation, hoping he'll tell me we can start sooner rather than later, but i guess i'll just have to wait and see.

I'm still wondering about how much it would be to get Hubbs' sperm tested. I know we should in case the problem isn't just with me, but with him as well... definitely going to remember to look into that.

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