Sunday, November 6, 2011


So Jen over at Maybe If You Just Relax... is participating in NaBloPoMo, and I thought to myself man, I can totally commit to making a blog post every day! why not?! I really have nothing better to do... well, I mean, I have work occasionally, and we're going to be taking a week-long trip to Vegas in the next 2 weeks. I'm gonna do it though! Totally on board!
Now that I know other people may even be reading this thing... I feel like it will pressure me to pay attention to things like grammar and proper capitalization.

Hubbs and I almost got into our first fight last night. Yes, we've been married for over a year and have yet to have a fight. It was stupid really, We were playing WoW (this nerdy computer game that we play) and he called some other chick "Woman" which is what he calls me. Then I got all jealous and was like "wtf!?! don't call other women the thing you call me when you're being all cute" Also, I was the one who had been at work like, all weekend, and I get home to him acting like a jerk to me. Totally not cool. We have this thing where if we feel like the other one is getting mad we'll say "is this a fight?" The answer is always no. Last night though, Hubbs said "yes" I then refused to allow it to be a fight and told him that I just didn't want him to be a jerk to me after I get home from working all day. He then apologized and decided to be less of an ass.

I'm slightly bummed that we don't have health insurance right now, it kicks in towards the middle of the month. My period just ended, which I'm pretty sure means if we were gonna start Clomid, it would have to be right now! This awesome timing means that we'll have to wait till next cycle to start. This makes me a sad panda.

Well anyway, here I will be, making a sincere effort to blog every day in the month of November. Gogo me!

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