Monday, November 21, 2011

A Work Related Post Today...

Attention shoppers, i have some tips for you when it comes to taking free samples so you don't piss off the sample giver person.

1. Take the napkin too. For serious. We spend all this time putting your stupid sample on a napkin, the least you can do is take it. You touch it when you pick up said sample, so we have to throw it away anyway.

2. Don't let your kid breathe all over the samples. I know they like to stick their faces close to everything, but come on, now i have to throw the rest away.

3. Pick up the one closest to you. One is not better than the other. Your sleeve grazes the front two while you clumsily pick up the one closest to me, and now i have to throw the rest away.

4. Don't stand there and ask stupid questions like "oooh, what is that you've got there?" REALLY? there are no less than 2 giant signs indicating the crap that i'm peddling this week... L2Read.

5. Don't try to be all sneaky and be like "what? i've never walked down this ailse before, who are you? what store is this? is that some sort of food you have there? i think i'll try that" I know you took one like 5 mins ago, i don't care. Take another one. Seriously just do it. This one is the best one anyway, no sleeve germs or little kid breath on this one, i promise.

6. When you see me standing there with an empty cart, with literally no food on it, and no indication of food on it. Don't ask me what i'm making, again, read the GIANT SIGN THAT SAYS IT, i'm busy prepping stuff and i hate you for having to take time to answer your stupid question instead of making said item.

7. No, i am not an employee of this store. Sure i'm in it, and i'm wearing accessories with the logo all over it... i know it's confusing. No, i can't tell you where turkey ham (someone asked me for this, wtf is it? has anyone heard of this?)/hot chocolate/squeeze bottles/uncooked torillas/whatever the heck you're looking for is... i have no idea. Unless it's the item i am actively demoing at my stupid cart, i have no clue where it is.

This is all i can think of for now, i'm sure there will be more. Take this to heart people, especially if you come to my cart. lol.

In other news. Little Gibbs had a seizure today. The vet says it's a typical thing with poodles and just to look out for anything that indicates his brain function has been impaired. Poor little guy. We've showered him with lots of extra love and affection today and hope it was just a one time thing.

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