Saturday, June 16, 2012

30 Rock

The Hubbs and I have been looking for a new show to watch. We normally watch a whole boatload of cop shows, and while we love them, they get really predictable after a while. Within the first three minutes of the episode, we can pick out who the guilty party is.

We decided to watch 30 Rock. We have been laughing our butts off. Totally unpredictable and suprising and hilarious. How did we not know of this awesomeness before?!!

In other news, I'm still taking things one day at a time, and trying to get better. Yesterday I did a 40min long yoga video. Actually made it through the whole thing. Sure I went to bed at like 9pm, but it's ok. I had to donate plasma yesterday cause we need the extra income. Nice to know that I'm at least healthy enough to do that. lol. It totally wipes me out though, hence the crazy early bedtime.

I made a "fancy ramen" for dinner last night. lol. Pretty much just stir fry mixed in with some pan fried ramen noodles. It was surprisingly not that bad.

Today, I have yet to work out. I pretty much haven't done anything of note today. I burned my lunch of dino chicken nuggets, but ate them anyway. Burn-y flavor really doesn't taste that bad when mixed with copious amounts of BBQ sauce. I do plan on going for a walk with Gibbs later, so that'll at least get me a little bit of exercise. I'll also take a trip to the library cause a few books I've had on hold are finally ready. Sure I have a pile of about four unread books on the nightstand, but that's ok. I've definitely had a lot of free time lately, and reading is a good way to spend it. Maybe I'll kill two birds with one stone and actually go down to the gym and read whilst biking or something. Probably won't go that far.

Father's Day is tomorrow. I will make a conscious effort not to forget to call my pops. I made some cards at home the other day for our Dads. Sure they're not store bought, but we can barely afford food... so it's totally the thought that counts. Lol. 

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