Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Asshat Status

Well, it's official... math without a calculator is impossible for me. I am a complete idiot. I aced every single other section of the test, including math with a calculator. lol. I utterly and epically failed at the "make your brain do math" section. I was given 25 questions for that section, I ran out of time around question 11 and only managed to get 6 right. According the the way the test results are to be interpreted, I'm pretty sure that means I have the equivalent math skills of a 2nd grader...I took math in college! I swear I did! I mean, granted, it was logic and not number math. You know, the "If A=B and B=C, Then A=C." I was totally awesome at that. Stupid numbers ruining my life. So if I wanted to get into the certificate program now, I'd have to wait 3 months and take the test again. No thank you.

There is however, a silver lining to this madness. The same school has another welding program that leads to an Associate's Degree. This is perfect. I can easily transfer all of the gen-ed requirements from my old B.A. and finish in the same amount of time. The best part is that my assessment scores from my previous school are acceptable as well, so that means no remedial math for me! I can jump right in to Math for Welders. Oh get excited people! It's such a relief to know that our plans are not completely ruined by the fact that I'm an imbecile.

 It was also a fun day because since Hubbs and I decided to make an adventure out of the day, we brought our little furbaby (also my service dog) with us. It was great finally having him with me on campus and whilst we were playing tourists. No one stopped and asked me weird questions, no one intruded and asked me if he actually was a service dog. It was really nice to just feel normal for the day. We braved the insane winds and shockingly cold temperatures and walked around the city snapping pictures of pretty much everything. Definitely a day I'll treasure for a long time.

The prompt today was about what I would do if time or money weren't an issue. Hubbs and I talk about this all the time! We're always dreaming up schemes about what we're going to do when we retire. Which so far involves getting either an RV or a boat and splitting our time between Maine and Florida. We plan for the next few years ahead and look at houses and possible places we'd like to live. The list so far includes Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, or Washington. Pretty much we're willing to go wherever the jobs are. We pick out houses around town and say what we like or don't like about them. Shockingly our tastes are extremely similar when it comes to houses. We've definitely agreed that at some point we would like a sun room and a hot tub, possibly a hot tub in a sun room. lol. We so this also while naming potential future children. It's really fun and since we are so poor now and live in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, we love thinking and wishing about the future together. I think it  helps us grow closer together and helps keep us on the same page so that years down the road when we finally do get to pick our house, it's the one we've both been looking for.


  1. Don't be hard on yourself...You aren't an inbecile! I can't do math, never could, all throught school I was in honor classes, but barely passed math. I can see by your post you are very funny and witty. I hope you guys find your dream home someday.

    1. Thanks! I know I'm not a complete idiot, I just get frustrated when I can't do something I feel I should be able to. I guess that's what I deserve though for being so cocky about the test. lol.