Monday, June 18, 2012

Critter Fears

I skipped yesterday. I figured I deserved a day in bed after being all puke-y all night. Hubbs made a joke that I was pregnant and all I could do was lol my head off. I then made a joke and told him Happy Father's Day. It was good times.

Today's prompt is about what creatures make you jumpy. I have a whole lot of critter fears. For serious. Spiders, worms, pretty much anything that lives in the ocean (with few exceptions), shellfish don't bother me, almost everything else does.

I also have some non-critter fears, like the woods at night and clowns. If someone made a mutant clown spider that lived in the ocean and or the woods... I would never leave the house, even though I don't live anywhere near an ocean. Imagine something like this...

T'is a thing of nightmares people...

I'm feeling much better about everything. Having that burden lifted off my shoulders really did free me. I've even been working out a little bit too. I rented Plus Sized Pilates. I liked the yoga/pilates videos I did before, but I found that my giant belly was totally in the way. This one is made for larger ladies, so hopefully that will no longer be a problem. I could definitely feel the burn at some points. There may or may not have been a bit of yelling at the tv and calling the instructor on screen an evil skinny B. Finishing the video felt good though.

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