Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Looks Like Someone Has a Case of the Mondays

So this is gonna sound weird... but I've been having sex dreams about the one that got away lately. Granted, he didn't really get away, since I never had him to begin with. He was a good friend of mine that I crushed on for years. Basically all through college. I saw him at the very first college party I ever went to. When I saw him, I swear the world went into slow motion. Of course though, typical me, I was too terrified to ever confess my feelings for him for fear of getting my tiny heart squashed. Lol. I feel bad though. I'm like, sleep cheating on Hubbs. Sleep cheating. Is that a real thing? Does this happen to anyone else?

So embarrassing. Anyways. Still waiting to register for classes because they need to figure out what all of my classes translate to. Really I'm just looking to get my english credit... but they can feel free to go ahead and evaluate all 137 credits from my B.A. Go right ahead. This means I won't get to register for about 6 weeks. I'm really hoping there's still room in some of my classes, but hey, at least I get to go back to school. Lookin' on the bright side. Go me!

Wait, today isn't Monday is it. Today is totally Tuesday. Wowzers. This whole not having anything to do during the week is really messing up my internal calendar. I finished a book yesterday though. Magic Lost, Trouble Found by Lisa Shearin. Pretty fun read. This whole "urban fantasy" genre is something I can get into. Is there anything better than a book? A magical escape from the world for however long it takes you to read it.

I woke up super early in the morning to the lovely sound of Hubbs dry-heaving. I really hope nothing I fed him made him sick. I was a bit pukey the other day, so maybe he just caught whatever it was. Not really sure. I'll just let him sleep all day and hope that makes him feel a bit better.

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