Sunday, June 3, 2012

Murder in My Kitchen

So this morning the Hubbs knocked over a giant bottle of Frank's Red Hot Sauce... the huge glass costco bottle. Needless to say, it shattered all over the floor and it looked like someone had been murdered in our kitchen. Good times. We don't keep paper towels in the apartment either, so the poor guy had to clean it all up using a roll of toilet paper. There are a few handprint-like streaks across the top of the garbage can too. Luckily I like horror movies, so I'm cool with it. lol.

Tonight we're going over to Hubbs' eldest sister's house. We're gonna have dinner, let our nieces and nephew play with our dog, and watch my Bat Mitzvah video. I was raised Jewish, did the whole shebang, and wound up converting to something else about four years ago. I haven't watched the tape ever, I'm really curious to see it. Jump back in time and see 13 year-old me rocking it like a boss. Hubbs' sister wanted her family to watch it cause none of them have ever seen a Bat Mitzvah and she wants her kids to be exposed to lots of different religions/cultures/etc. Should be fun. Maybe we'll get to squeeze in some board game fun too after the kids go to bed.

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