Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Today I'm being forced to drive an hour each way and may $35 to go prove to my new school that I have at least an 8th grade education. This baffles me. Granted, I graduated high school 10 years ago (my reunion is next month! Madness), but my B.A. is still pretty fresh. I graduated from university 5 years ago now, still a bit of time, but I'm pretty sure that demonstrates the fact that I can spell and use basic math. Of course, years of spellcheckers and calculators may have rotted my brain, so if I fail this test, I'm going to feel like a total asshat.

Hubbs and I decided we should make a little adventure of it. We're gonna drive up with our furbaby and go to this delicious burger place and maybe walk around town a little bit. We'd been meaning to tour the city's hotspots for a while, and today seems like a good excuse to be tourists and have a little fun.

I am glad this is happening today though, because it means that I may get to start school this month. That's super. I was previously told that the only openings started in July, but during our most recent conversation, my evil witch of an adviser indicated that there were openings much sooner. I really hope I like this program. After culinary school, EMT school, university, etc, I still have yet to find a career. I want this to be the one. All of our plans for the next 2 years kind of hinge on me sticking with it.

I'm thinking about BBT charting again. It's kind of a pain and causes me a lot more frustration, but it'll be nice to know if I actually manage to get a temperature shift this time. For all of you I'll do it. lol. I will share my wacky BBT roller-coaster with all of you. I'm telling you now though, if it turn out I have another 94-day cycle, I'm probably gonna give up halfway through and throw my thermometer off of our balcony in a fit of rage.

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