Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book Clubbing it Up.

So for years I've wanted to join a book club, and I figured you know what, now is the time! I have no job, no school, nothing really to prevent me from spending all of my time reading. I did not however like the idea of sitting in a room with a bunch of ladies discussing some book i have absolutely no interest in. Thank heavens for the Vaginal Fantasy Book Club started by some lovely geeky ladies. So every month, they get online and do a Google+ hangout whilst discussing that month's book. The club focuses on romance novels that have a paranormal/sci fi/fantasy theme. I watched the first 5 hangouts in a giant marathon and laughed my ass off. I picked up this month's selection at my local library and am a few chapters in so far. Can't wait till the hangout on the 25th.

I like having these silly things to look forward to. I've got my roller derby, I've got my book club, and I've got a wonderful husband and furbaby. School is starting soon, possibly even this month, depending on the wait list. Plenty of good to distract me from the fact that my body is stupid and refuses to make babies.

Even though AF magically decided to show up, I am still rather concerned about the 94 day cycle. I really have to make that Dr's appointment. I have the Infertility seminar in a few weeks. I'm only going for the 50% off on our consultation. Which if all goes according to plan, will be this month as well. It will be nice to finally know exactly what we're dealing with in terms of my lady bits. We'll get Hubbs tested too, cause it would be good to know whether the problem is just with me or with both of us. I like the idea of knowing our options for treatment and just how much money we get to look forward to spending. That part is a little less pleasant.

I had a job interview on Thursday. Not really sure how well it went. It's seriously the second time that I've been asked to fill out a job application online after completing the interview. It seems like a complete waste of time for companies to do that, but ok. Hopefully I get it. The job starts in July-ish, has crappy benefits, and doesn't conflict with my school schedule. lol. What else could you want in a place-holder kind of job?

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