Friday, January 18, 2013

Everybody's Looking Forward to the Weekend... Weekend

I subbed at a new high school today against my better judgement, and I have to say, I'm glad I did.

The school has a zero tolerance cell phone policy, which means if you see it, you get to confiscate it and the student has to pick it up from the main office at the end of the day. This rule is a lifesaver. Almost every problem I had yesterday wouldn't even have been an issue if the school had this rule in place.

The students were also overall better behaved and it was a far more pleasant day. I think it helps that there was an assembly and the teacher's prep time was in between the assembly and lunch, so I was essentially paid to sit on my ass and do nothing for 3 hours. Best day ever.

Tomorrow Hubbs and I are going to see Phantom of the Opera. Sure it's the local college's show, and not a professional production, but apparently every time they do this one, it rocks people's socks off. So I'm looking forward to that.

Hubbs crashed our scooter last night about 30 feet from our house and hurt his hand. I'm 90% sure it's not broken, just banged up a bit. He's such a baby. lol.

Speaking of babies... Hubbs needed help yesterday babysitting after I was finished at work and I got to help with our niece. She is very cute and we nommed on her cheeks a little bit. She got a kick out of that. So since Hubbs' hand was less than functional, I changed a diaper for the first time, prepped a bottle and fed it to her. Apparently I'm a natural. lol. Hubbs was like "wow, you make that look really easy! She usually fights me when I feed her." He also commented that I'm a natural mother, which is nice to hear from the father of our future children. That baby killed that bottle. Seriously. She sucked it down like there was no tomorrow. I rocker her, soothed her, fed her, changed her and I have to say, did a pretty good job. This whole baby thing is easy! lol.

The whole three-day weekend will be nice as well. No work, no school, and an awesome interview to look forward to when the new work week starts. Hurray!

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