Friday, January 4, 2013

The Joy of Subbing

I know there are those kinds of subs out there who don't really care, read a book all day, and generally ignore the students. I am not one of those subs. I follow the lesson plan, try to learn the kids' names, and try to have fun with them. Today I was subbing for Preschool Special Ed. I did not know that existed before today, but apparently it does. We had fun singing songs and playing and learning all day.

Every time I sub I come home with fond memories and a happy heart. I'm glad I have this job, even though it's only a few days a week, sometimes just a half day, there's always at least one kid in the class who touches my heart. Subbing really is awesome.

Hubbs and I are having a mini date night tonight. We're going to a sandwich place for dinner we've been wanting to try then who knows what else. Probably just coming home and playing video games. lol. We're also going out Sunday to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch some playoff action. Hubbs is totally obsessed because his team just might go all the way. It's always fun to watch him get so ridiculously into the game. I'm mostly in it for the wings and fried pickles.

This morning was FREEZING, like for serious. Some Canadian and Swedish friends have already made fun of my for thinking 2°F is cold... but dangit it is! I had to scrape ice off of the INSIDE of my car's windshield. That is cold I say!

I've been reading a lot of library books lately and have gotten super annoyed at all of the weak and pathetic lead female characters. Seriously authors, would it kill you to have a strong female lead? Maybe that's why I love my main character for my book so much, she's a warrior and not some helpless thing just waiting for a man to come long and save her. I really should get to writing a bit more of that, or at least editing it. Slamming out 50,000 words in 30 days for NaNoWriMo really kind of burnt me out. I'll get to it eventually, especially if the sub jobs keep being so few and far between.


  1. I didn't know there was Special Ed Preschool until last year when my son qualified for it. I have gone on a few field trips with them, and I gotta tell you, those rascals wear me out!

    You sound like one of the "cool" subs that my teachers always requested and we never played pranks on.

  2. The kids are lucky to have you! Have a great date night with hubby!

    I love JD Robb books as Dallas is a kick butt cop and love all her layers. I do admit loving the Stephanie character by Janet Evanovich. So funny, and heck, she is a bounty hunter even if she is a spaz.