Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fantastically Awesome Day!

You know, there haven't been many days in my life that I've looked back on and said "man, that was a good day." Today just might make the short list.

I tested for an job today and am proud to say I made it through the interesting battery of tests and have the stage one (out of two) interview next week. This job, whilst high-stress, would rake in a boatload of money for Hubbs and me and would completely change our lives.

Shortly after I received the good news about this next step in the interviews for this potential job... I got home and checked my e-mail, and what was waiting for me there? What magical mystery piece of wonder had the awesomeness fairies left for me? An invitation to interview for my DREAM JOB! The one I have been hoping and praying and trying not to get my hopes up about. Yes, it's 2000 miles away, and yes, it would mean some big changes in our lives, but out of thousands of applicants, I have been selected to interview!!! I'm trying to see if there's anyway they'll do a video conference call type interview, but chances are we're going to have to shell out a month's rent for me to fly out there.
My father says it's a good idea to shell out the dough because it shows that I am serious and definitely committed to this potential job, it's a terrifying thing to think about, but sometimes you've just got to take that leap.

So here I sit with a wonderful new world of possibilities that I was beginning to doubt would come around and it feels really great. Especially at a time when I was feeling low and doubting myself, the universe decides to let me bask in the glory of potential. I can actually see a future of home-ownership, maybe a townhouse, but still! Two cars! Fertility treatments?! Vacations! Going to the dentist! Oh man, do I ever miss going to the dentist. (Yes, I'm one of those weirdo freaks who LOVES having their teeth cleaned)

I'm allowing myself this hope, I'm not going to crush it just yet. This could be it. This coming together of circumstances and opportunity could just be the thing to get us started on the path of the start of rest of our lives. Oh my gosh... I could have a salary. A SALARY!! Madness. I am almost 30 and have bounced around from part-time, full-time, whatever the heck I can get my hands on jobs... but never something with a salary! I'm pretty sure that would make me a real life grown-up. Amazingness.


  1. So exciting! I will keep my fingers crossed and squeeze my thumbs for you.

  2. What a great opportunity! Safe travels and I will keep good thoughts for you.