Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Football Madness

Hubbs is a HUGE football fan, and since his team is actually still in the playoffs, he's way in to watching every game.

Yesterday we watched my team make a shocking victory, which was awesome. I'm still secretly hoping both of our teams make it to the big show. He's a little less so since he thinks I'll rub it in his face or something if my team wins. I'm way nicer than that. lol.

Today is going to be yet another lazy day. I'm working 3 full days next week, and it'll be nice to have a little bit of extra money coming in.

I'm currently doing the W2 shuffle, in which I nervously check the mail every day anxiously awaiting the arrival of my W2's so we can actually file our tax returns this year. We always try to get it done in January so our return comes super quickly. This year I'm pretty sure I'm getting at least 6 W2's, so that'll be fun. I seriously had so many part time jobs this year I literally can't even remember all of them. That is ridiculous.

Hubbs is making a giant breakfast today and I'm excited. I'm pretty sure he'll wait till halftime though, there's going to be sausage patties, pancakes, eggs. It's going to be delicious. He's really quite a good cook.

At the moment I have a boneless turkey breast in the crock pot with a bunch of stock vegetables. In the end it should taste pretty great I hope. The turkey was pretty frozen-y though so it might not be ready till around 9. That's a normal time for adults to eat dinner, right?  

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