Sunday, November 4, 2012

60th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, the family got together to celebrate my grandparents-in-law's 60th wedding anniversary. 60 years! I remember my grandparents make it to 50, but by then my grandmother had already had her stroke and died within a year or two after.

If Hubbs and I make it 60 years, we'll both be in our late 80's. Maybe we'll live that long, but who knows.

It was great to see that even after that much time, they still obviously love each other. They are the cutest little old couple ever. Looking back over their years together via photo albums and such laid out on a table was pretty awesome. They have pictures of everything, and they've really had a full and amazing life together. I hope Hubbs and I get to be that lucky.

In driving up there and spending some time with Hubbs' siblings, I learned some interesting things. Hubbs' second oldest sister's husband thinks that her eldest sister is... I believe his exact words were "almost clinically insane" good stuff. I don't see it. Hubbs' eldest sister is the closest thing I have to a best friend around here, and she's been awesome to me, but apparently she just really hates her sister's husband. lol.

We also learned that Hubbs' brother (he only has one, and 4 sisters), after coming back from a tour in Afghanistan as a marine, has been having a very difficult time. It started out as anxiety after his buddy committed suicide upon their return to the US. Now he's developed a tick and had a flashback whilst on duty at the base. He thought he was back in Afghanistan and started searching the base for IED's. He's now getting the help that he needs from the military, but he and his wife live on the other side of the country from everyone else, and we have to rely on second hand information as to his well-being. We definitely wish him a speedy recovery and hope that there will be no permanent damage as a result of his service.

In NaNoWriMo news, I designed the cover for my book yesterday. I kind of got absorbed in it and banged out a semi decent finished product. I'm really pleased with it, considering I wound up using MS Paint because the trial of Photoshop turned out to be too difficult for me to use. I couldn't figure out how to do anything in that darn contraption. lol. I am also pleased to say that I'd given what I'd written to my eldest SiL and she loves the story so far and thinks it's a really unique and great story. It's nice to know I'm not wasting my time and that maybe there's an audience for this thing after all. She was telling me how she is dying to know what happens next, so I am super thrilled.

Hubbs has been steadily working on his as well, he hasn't shown any of it to me yet, but has been bouncing ideas off of me and his BiL (the one who hates my eldest SiL) lol. I'm really excited to see how his turns out. I just hope he doesn't keep getting distracted by WoW and missing the deadline. I know he would be extremely happy if he could just write for a living and not have to slave away in some job that he hates just to help put food on the table.

I'm also probably going to hit 1,000 page views sometime this weekend, which completely blows me away. Sure to some bloggers with well over 10,000 or 100,000 or millions, my measly 1,000 might not seem like that much. Everyone has to start somewhere, but I never imagined when I started over-sharing with the interwebz about our fertility struggles that anyone would want to read it. So thank you!! Thanks for sticking around and reading my ramblings and sharing along in this adventure with us.

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