Monday, November 5, 2012

Things That Make me Angry

There are things in this world that just really piss me off. A few of them, I am sure I am going to get flak for, but that is why the internet exists. Where varying opinions can duke it out and be heard.

1. This. A mother directly caused the death of her child by being stupid. Is she going to serve time or be reprimanded in any way for this? Most likely not. There is something very wrong with that. Her child is dead because of what SHE did, not because of the animals at the zoo, and she should be punished for it. Sure it's tragic and all of that, but that doesn't change the fact that it is her fault and she could have prevented it. 

2. Elections. I do not vote. I have never voted in a major election in the 3 elections which I have been eligible. There are several reasons for this. Mostly because all of the candidates lie. They say what the voters in a particular region want to hear in order to sway them. There have also been several indications that your vote pretty much only counts for something in a swing state. (I do not live in a swing state.) I do see the value in voting for local things, like the mayor or school board, things that will actually impact my life once I have a house and kids in school. For now though, the President of the United States literally has zero impact on any of our lives. No President can wave a magic wand and fix everything that is wrong with our country and I have a problem voting for someone who claims they can.

3. People who ask "Do you have any kids?" or "When are you going to start a family?" within 5 minutes of meeting me. First of all that is crazy personal and I don't feel like telling you that we've been trying for almost two years and just plain can't. Secondly, that is an incredibly insensitive question. You have no idea what my situation is, what is going on in my life, do yourself a favor and shut your mouth. I get asked that so often, and as an infertile, I resist the urge to yell at them "I can't have any and thanks for reminding me, jackass." Perhaps I will stop restraining myself and teach them a lesson.

 4. The "Sauce Nazis" at McDonald's. Every other fast food chain will give you a mountain of sauces. I once went to BK and asked specifically for a mountain of zesty sauce, because that stuff is insanely delicious and just as addictive as crack. They literally gave me 15 of those little individually wrapped plastic tubs. McDonald's on the other hand charges you 20¢ per packet over the standard amount, which for a 5 piece order of nuggets is 1, you get 2 for a 10 piece. Stop being stingy on the sauce! I also realize that this is one of the major contributing factors to Americans being fat. People starve all over the world and I complain about sauces. I know, I'm a jackass, let's move on.

5. Recycling. I do not recycle. There is one thing, just one that I will bother to recycle, and that is aluminum cans.  It is the only recyclable that is cost effective and can be recycled forever.

Off my soapbox I go, what about you, readers? What really grinds your gears and makes you take a deep breath to stop yourself from turning into a hulking rage monster every time it comes around/is brought up?

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