Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's That You Say?

Hubbs and I are notorious for mis-hearing each other, or making the other repeat something 40 times because our brains for some reason can't process it. It's hilarious.  I'll often call to him "What did you say about chicken boobs?" and he'll holler back with "WHAT? Why the heck would I be talking about chicken boobs? I said 'lollipop'!" Or something that equally sounds nothing like chicken boobs. I can't wait till we're 80 and literally have zero idea what the heck the other is talking about.

We tried to go to bed early last night to get up in time for church this morning, something we have been failing epically at for pretty much the last 4 months. We're just that awesome. We always wind up just lying in bed chatting and giggling and coming up with completely ridiculous scenarios for the other to answer like "Would you rather be a talking T-Rex, talking tarantula, or talking rat?" He chose rat. He then countered with "Would you rather be the world's greatest chef, but be a rat, the world's greatest fisherman, but be a fish, or the world's greatest ninja, but be a dog." I chose dog ninja. duh! With these stupid little things we laugh or heads off and wind up staying up an extra 2 hours because we're just so funny.

These are the things that I'll miss if I do get this dream job and we have to be apart for a few months. Oh well. A few months in a whole lifetime. I find it very weird that we have yet to spend a day apart. Sure sometimes he sleeps on the couch because his back hurts or whatever, but nope, not a single 24 hour period apart yet. Maybe we should. lol. It's not like we're co-dependent or anything, we just haven't gotten around to being apart yet. Mostly because neither of us has an occasion to travel without the other.

I haven't been writing as much of the book as I'd like, I think it is coming together nicely, and I slammed out around 3,000 words last night, I'm just feeling like I need to procrastinate for some reason. Not sure what's going on with that, but I've only got 12 days to finish the whole 50,000 words and we're going to be gone and computer-less for 5 1/2 days of it. Eek.

Tonight I'm cooking turkey breast in the crock pot. Sure we're gonna have turkey in a few days, but yummy turkey! lol. It's taking way longer than it's supposed to so I'm fairly certain we'll be having dinner around 9pm, but that's fine, right? Suuuure. Also going to make biscuits, gravy, potatoes, yams, and acorn squash. Basically we only have a day and a half before we leave for Vegas and figure we should get rid of all of our vegetables before we go. I think it's a good plan. Might as well start eating like the fatties we are since we're going to spend the rest of this week gorging ourselves on deliciousness anyway. Best idea ever, what could go wrong?! rofl.


  1. Just stopped by to see what you were thinking. I found you through NaBloPoMo. You and your hubby sound like a great pair! I love your sense of humor! :)

    BTW, did you make it to church? I did, but just barely. Why are Sunday mornings so hard to face?

    1. No, sadly, I turned off the alarm and promptly fell back to sleep yet again. Out church switches to 1pm in January though, so we'll always make it then. lol. I'm like a zombie pretty much all mornings though, getting out of bed is not easy any day.