Monday, November 12, 2012

Mission Accomplished!

So despite all of my protests from yesterday, we actually did eventually clean almost the entire apartment!! All that's left now is the kitchen and half of the giant pile of full garbage bags stacked by the door.

I am so proud! Hurray! There's a nice tidy little place for everything and gorramit, that crap is in its place!

Last night's gaming evening was a rousing success. We successfully rescued the treasure and lifted off the Forbidden Island before it sank back into the sea, and I won Cthulhu Fluxx, thanks to a poorly played goal card by my BiL. Muahahaha!

I didn't manage to get much writing done over the weekend it seems, but hopefully I can get out a few hours here and there and all will be well. There's still so much left to write and I am running out of story here. lol. Trying to beef it up with fun monster encounters and other such shenanigans. Hopefully it works out.

So the main reason I wanted to get the apartment all sparkly clean, is because this way, when it comes time for the inevitable Home Study at some point during the adoption process, that out place is always ready. No more complacency about messes for us! lol. Even though our apartment is super tiny and we basically just have enough room for a crib, but hey, if we had a kid of our own, that's where he/she'd be sleeping, so I'm sure it would be fine. We could even put up a little room divider so he/she would have his/her own space. It's pretty much that or the crib goes in the living room... we''ll figure it out eventually. Who knows, by the time we're actually all the way through the process, we could be living somewhere else anyway.

My neck still hurts pretty badly, but only in certain positions, which is a vast improvement from a few days ago. Victory!

I wish I could just stay home and write today, but I've got to get my ass to class, then eventually work. I was so tired last night, I think we wound up going to bed around 10:30... I work till midnight on weekdays so it will be interesting to see if I actually make it through my entire shift.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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  1. Rest assured, a baby won't care where you place it's crib as long as you are nearby to give it plenty of love. My weekend involved cleaning too and taking care of my youngest who had the flu.