Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dream Job!!

Today, I applied for my dream job! Well, technically, it's a stepping stone that is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the dream job. Still... I want it so badly!!

Sure it would involve moving across the country, and possibly being separated from my husband for about 6 months... but it would be completely amazing and everything we've been hoping for the last year. It also involves a four year commitment, but we are both very willing and eager and hope that this works out for us.

I really could use all of the prayers and well wishes anyone is willing to throw our way, this opportunity would completely change our lives in every imaginable way.

At this point, I've done everything that I can and now I shall sit at eagerly await a response. This is going to be way worse than any two week wait I've had to endure so far. lol. Hopefully, I can find lots of fun distracting things.

Tuesday I'm getting fingerprinted for my "in the mean time" job as a substitute teacher, training will happen after the Thanksgiving break, and I am looking forward to that as well. I remember some subs very fondly from my school days and hope that I can be even half as awesome as they were. For the subs that sucked, I will definitely make an effort to be a thousand times better than they were. None of this taking attendance and then letting everyone skip class.

Hubbs and I are leaving Tuesday, and with the lack of constant computer access over the short break, There will only be posts up to Tuesday, and then I'll be back on the 25th. So far though, I am fairly certain this has been my most successful NaBloPoMo month yet! So hurray for that!

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