Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazy Bones

I am like the laziest person ever. I had all of these lofty ambitions about cleaning ALL THE THINGS! today and so far, Hubbs is still asleep and I've been up for what seems like forever and haven't done a darn thing. I've been fantasizing about ham and eggs and toast for breakfast for over an hour and still haven't gotten up to make it. There's a huge bucket of lollipops that I got the week after Halloween for less than $2, maybe I'll just eat those for breakfast... although by this hour it would really be brunch. grr.

Now my attitude is totally a little closer to THIS. Man I suck. That's ok, we still have 6 hours until we have to be somewhere and that's totally plenty of time to clean our 600sq ft. apartment from top to bottom even though there are foot high piled of dirty clothes... right? Ugh.

Last night I managed to get a decent chunk of writing done and am so much closer to halfway done with my 50,000 word masterpiece for NaNoWriMo. Seriously thrilling. Perhaps even when I hit the word cap, and then go back and edit, I'll wind up with a real, adult sized book, like 80,000 words or so! Who knows! After it's all done, I am toying with the idea of actually trying to shop it around. There are several publishers that actually bother to accept unsolicited submissions. Maybe I'll go crazy and try to get an agent, who knows! The possibilities are endless!

I've been applying to more jobs like crazy. My contract is up in about 3 weeks and they still haven't let me know if they plan on keeping me on for the next one, so I'm keeping my options open. Hubbs and I desperately need the money and I have him applying to things as well, but I tend to have better luck. In the over 2 years we've been married, I've only been unemployed for about 4 months total despite bouncing around and working a total of around 10 jobs or so. Wish us luck.

Also, I think my old neck injury is coming back. It feels like the bones are grinding together or something and causes me intense pain whenever I try to tilt of move my head, which definitely makes me want to not clean things. Hell, it hurt when I was watching tv last night. Maybe I'll be cool and pop on my neck brace again and feel awesome. Supposedly, it's just a muscle spasm that causes the awfulness, usually stress induced, at least that's what it was last time. I'm just going to use this as further proof that my body hates me. Oh hey, you wanna make babies? NO. BAM! PCOS. Oh, you wanna work at your fancy new warehouse job? NO! Fall off a step ladder and hurt your back like an idiot. Oh, you wake up thinking it's morning and you're all ready for the day? J/K! It's 1am B!!!! BWAHAHAHA. Grumble grumble. Well, at least it won't interfere with my game playing abilities, cause tonight we're gonna rock out with some Forbidden Island, and Cthulhu Fluxx! Forbidden Island will be nice because we all work together to recover the treasure and get off the island safely before it sinks back into the ocean. We all win! Then Cthulhu Fluxx for when we try to screw each other over and crown ourselves grand champion of the game night! So fun. I'm totally gonna win. lol.

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  1. I fear I must dislodge you from your 'Laziest Person Ever' throne. I'm still thinking about my NaNoWriMo story. Haven't started the word-count thing yet! On the other hand, all my ironing is done. :-) Happy writing! (Just dropping by from NaBloPoMo, in case you were wondering.)