Friday, November 16, 2012

Technically Unemployed, Yet Employed

Well it's a good thing I decided to spend this week job hunting. lol. I got the official notice that I've been laid off today. Just off the heels of getting picked up by two staffing companies and getting hired on as a Substitute Teacher for yet another staffing company. So while, yes, I get to call these companies "my employers", technically, at the moment I don't have a job. Interesting predicament to find myself in but hey, it's better than nothing. So hurray for that. At least this way I'll have more time for writing, and now we get to head to Vegas a day early, so that's good.

Haven't told Hubbs yet because he's still off babysitting our nieces and nephew. I'm sure he'll be um... no, definitely not thrilled. lol. Maybe this will kick his butt in gear and get him to start applying to more jobs.

In other weird news, I think my belly button is infected,but hey! I'll have health insurance in a short little while so I'll get that all cleared up. Seriously, even when my belly button was pierced it never got infected. WTF. So frustrating. Stupid tummy fat ruining everything.

I'm really looking forward to the Vegas trip. Despite the fears about what the heck it is my parents are going to spring on us. A change of scenery always does wonders for me and it'll be nice to get to see my bestie. I <3 that lady! The only bummer about the trip is that pretty much all of our library books are due either before, or during the trip, so we won't have anything to read, but at least we'll get to watch the food network when we get there! lol. We are totally obsessed with cooking shows.

I didn't actually get any writing done yesterday, I got distracted with my book club book for the month and stayed up till about 2:30 reading it. Oopsies. It was pretty good but a little more YA than I realized, so the naughty bits were completely non-existent. Lame. 

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