Saturday, November 10, 2012

Date Night

I have declared that tonight will be date night!

I got home from work about 2 hours early last night and sat in the living room catching up with my shows on Hulu for about 5 hours whilst Hubbs ignored me and ran nerd dungeons with his friends on WoW.

Tonight, that dude is all mine! Lol. We're going to go see Bourne Legacy at the dollar theater, because we figure everyone else will be at the regular theater watching Skyfall and we should see a slightly less cool, but more badass action character instead. Then we're off to dinner at our favorite Mexican place because they sent us a buy one, get one coupon in the mail. Go us.

I managed to get some writing today while Hubbs slept off his late night. To be fair, I went to bed at 4am too... but I seem to function better on less sleep. I'm really excited about where the book is going and am almost halfway done with just over 20 days to go! Woot!

We have had our dog for a little over a year now and I had completely forgotten how much that little weirdo loves so. He prances around in it no matter how deep it is and absolutely LOVES peeing in it. I wish I got as excited about things as he does about peeing in the snow. It's funny, he hates getting his paws wet on the grass when it's raining, but will totally dive right on in to the huge (for him) snow drifts. The other adorable part is when he comes in and the snow is stuck to his curly poodle fur and he shakes it all off and rolls around on the floor in the little snow pile he makes. So cute. Best dog ever.

I did have the intention of cleaning the heck out of the apartment this weekend. Maybe I'll save that for late tonight since I'm on a bit of a writing roll and we have our date plans. I am determined to get it done at some point this weekend though. We have plans tomorrow night to go over to the other SiL's house for dinner and a game night, so any cleaning will have to be done before 6. Hopefully we can get it all taken care of.  Hubbs doesn't know it yet, but there's no way I'm cleaning this B all by myself, there's gonna be some manly contribution! lol.

How about all of you? Any exciting weekend plans? Is there a project you've been meaning to get to, but just keep procrastinating?

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